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  • Wireless Home Alarm System with Voice Auto Dialer

    $199.00 $69.00

    SAFECALL Wireless Home Alarm System with Voice Auto Dialer


    Keep Your Home Secure with No Long-Term Contracts or Monthly Fees

    This wireless alarm system can be set up in minutes, and programmed to dial up to 6 numbers of your choice in case of an emergency. The auto dialer can be triggered by motion sensor, door/window contacts, a smoke detector, or handheld panic button and enables 2-way communication through the ultra-sensitive microphone and speaker in the base unit.

    Why this Security System?

    •           300-foot range allows you to place sensors all around your property

    •           Auto dialer will retry your stored numbers up to nine times

    •           16-digit maximum enables you to store some international numbers

    •           Comes with free batteries for all sensors

    You can also choose to have the system emit a piercing siren, drawing attention to potential emergencies and driving off intruders. Each sensor has a 300-foot range; more than enough to cover most properties. With a wide range of additional accessories, your system can grow with your needs.


    Monitor your Home


    •           RF Operating Frequency: 318MHz

    •           Wireless Communication Range: Up to 100 Meters in Free Space Without Interference

    •           Telephone System: DTMF (Tone) Dialing on PSTN network

    •           Phone number length: 16 digits max.

    •           Phone Numbers Allowed: 6 Max.

    •           Voice Message Duration: 20 Seconds

    •           Dialing Attempts: 1-9

    •           Power: DC12v/600mA

    •           Operating Temperature: 0C to 50C

    •           Casing Material: ABS

    •           Dimensions: 200mm x 135mm x 45mm

    •           Weight: 460g

    In the Box

    •           1 Compact Control Panel with built-in AutoDialer & Loud Siren

    •           1 Wireless Door/Window Sensor

    •           1 Wireless Pocket Remote

    •           Rechargeable Backup Battery

    •           Batteries for all Sensors

    •           A/C Adapter & Telephone Line

    •           2 WARNING Stickers